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A Bibliography of Lough Hyne

Rob McAllen1, Julia Nunn2, and Colin Little3

1School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University College Cork, Enterprise Centre, Distillery Fields, North Mall, Cork City. Email: r.mcallen[at]

2Cherry Cottage, 11 Ballyhaft Road, Newtownards, Co. Down BT22 2AW. Email: jdn[at]

3Beggars Knoll, Long River Road, Newtown, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3ED.

On June 3rd 2011, Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve celebrated the 30th anniversary of its designation as the Republic of Ireland’s only statutory Marine Nature Reserve and its designation as Europe’s first Marine Reserve. To commemorate this occasion, and to highlight the importance and value of Lough Hyne as a major European marine scientific site, a full bibliography of scientific research is published here.

Wilson (1984) published a bibliography of 194 references to Lough Hyne which included references from 1687 to 1982. Costello and Holmes (1991) published a further 132 reference bibliography including additional material published from 1982 to 1991 as well as some omissions from Wilson’s 1984 paper. McAllen (2011) published a bibliography of 182 references covering material published from 1991 to the present day as well as some omissions from the previous two bibliographies prior to 1991. These bibliographies have been brought together here, with some additions and corrections.

The authors would like to thank the many researchers who have contributed to this bibliography, and in particular acknowledge the assistance of Mark Holmes, Cynthia Trowbridge and Dan Minchin.

The references listed here are those which refer to any aspect of marine or other taxa (including brackish species) recorded from Lough Hyne, Co. Cork. The species may be reported as being recorded from a survey (geographical, selected species, selected areas etc.); as research/experimental models; aquaculture studies; or are ‘grey’ literature (research theses, honours projects, reports, less accessible journals, magazines, books).

The authors would be pleased to hear of any publications overlooked, or additional details.

This section should be cited as:

MCALLEN, R., NUNN, J.D. & LITTLE, C. 2014. A bibliography of Lough Hyne. In: Nunn, J.D., McAllen, R. & Little, C. (eds) The Flora and Fauna of Lough Hyne Co. Cork. Available from Accessed [date viewed].


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