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Nomenclature follows the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) which is more up-to-date than most recent published literature, and is being continually updated. Older names can be cross-referenced there. Algal taxonomy follows Algaebase.

It should be emphasised that this web site is not intended to be a taxonomic guide.


WoRMS: Appeltans W., Bouchet P., Boxshall G.A., Fauchald K., Gordon D.P., Hoeksema B.W., Poore G.C.B., van Soest R.W.M., Stöhr S., Walter T.C., Costello M.J. (eds) (2010). World Register of Marine Species. Accessed at on [2014].

Algaebase: Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. 2010. AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. Accessed at on [2014].


Illustrations have been chosen that clearly represent the species or habitats.


BEP Bernard Picton
DM Dan Minchin
JDN Julia Nunn
JMCH Mark Holmes
LH Lough Hyne
NHM Natural History Museum, London
NMGW National Museums & Galleries of Wales, Cardiff
NMI National Museums of Ireland, Dublin
UM Ulster Museum, National Museums Northern Ireland


This list has been compiled based on the following criteria:

  • All genera, species or subspecies are included.
  • Littoral from splash zone down to the deepest waters within the marine reserve of Lough Hyne, including Carrigathorna.
  • All vagrants, aliens and strandings.
  • Dead shells (molluscs, crustaceans etc.) or other groups have been included.
Any assistance with improving our knowledge of species in Lough Hyne would be welcomed.

Where available, the following taxonomic headings are given: PHYLUM, CLASS, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Other taxonomic levels are given where considered appropriate.

Orders are listed alphabetically within their Class. Families are listed alphabetically within their Order. Genera are listed alphabetically within their Family. This is subject to the change if required by the specific authors of a taxonomic group, particularly with regard to the order of Classes.

Approximate number of living taxa (genus only known, species or subspecies)

a minimum of xxx taxa are listed

PORIFERA sponges
CNIDARIA sea firs, jellyfish, sea fans, sea pens, anemones, corals
CTENOPHORA comb jellies
NEMERTEA ribbon worms
ROTIFERA wheel animals
GASTROTRICHA hairy backs
CEPHALORHYNCHA kinorhynchs, loriciferans, horse hair worms, priapulids
NEMATODA roundworms
ENTOPROCTA goblet worms
CHAETOGNATHA arrow worms
SIPUNCULA peanut worms
ECHIURA spoon worms
ANNELIDA segmented worms
ARTHROPODA: Pycnogonida & Insecta sea spiders, insects
ARTHROPODA: Crustacea barnacles, prawns, crabs, lobsters
TARDIGRADA water bears
MOLLUSCA chitons, snails, bivalves, squid, octopus
BRACHIOPODA lamp shells
BRYOZOA sea mats
CYCLIOPHORA no common name
PHORONIDA horseshoe worms
ECHINODERMATA sea feathers, starfish, brittlestars, urchins, sea cucumbers
HEMICHORDATA acorn worms
CHORDATA: Ascidiacea sea squirts
CHORDATA: Cephalochordata lancelets
CHORDATA: Agnatha lampreys, hagfish
CHORDATA: Elasmobranchii cartilaginous fish
CHORDATA: Actinopterygii bony fish
CHORDATA: Reptilia reptiles
CHORDATA: Mammalia mammals
ALGAE seaweeds
ANGIOSPERMES flowering plants
FUNGI lichens

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